About Taylor



Hi there! I’m a full time college student by day, aspiring stay at home millionaire mom at night, and this is my website. I live in Texas, have a one year old named Jaxon, and I am dreaming of getting my sexy back.

This blog was created to document my 70 pound weight loss journey that I begun earlier this year. To be real I have failed miserably and continued to lose the same 15-20 pounds over and over. 


Where it all started…

My weight has always been a battle for me ever since I can remember. I had always been the girl who was bullied for her weight which cause severe depression. My depression still affects me now as an adult but my social anxiety’s are more present now than my depression. 

In high school I had a friend who really helped me lose the weight and tone up. Back then I only had 20 pounds to lose. 

My eating habits still have not changed I have always been an avid fast food eater. It’s embarrassing to say how many days I have gone sometimes only eating fast food for every meal. 

Where I Am Now?

August 2016 I had a panic attack that changed everything for me and put a lot in perspective. I always cared so much about what everyone else thought about me. Not what was best for me. I took on an extremely stressful job in my early twenties to support me and my son. I knew I needed to go back to school and get shit together so in the long run we would be good. 

I quit that job, enrolled in my local community college full time, and now am working on self love and my weight lose journey. 

Hungry For Change

I’ve tried countless yo-yo diets in the past and nothing ever seems to stick for more than a week or so. I am a foodie at heart and I actually truly enjoy cooking. 

I’m looking for a more permanent and lifestyle change than a short term crash diet. Getting off of the fast food and soda drinks have been way harder than I imagined. 

So my new realistic weight loss goal is to lose 70 pounds by the end of 2017.